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For Dogs – Skin Irritations
Gold Shield anti-inflammatory acaricidal cream dog skin disease

Fungus Free Plus is the Best Treatment For Pythium, Pythiosis Insidiosum, Skin Irritations in Dogs.

A wide array of skin irritations for dogs can be aleviated and treated by Fungus Free Plus®. Given the healing properties of the Fungus Free Plus® compound of essential oils and minerals, cleaning of the affected area and application of Fungus Free Plus® can help irritated areas of skin heal faster.

For instructions regarding application and treatment using Fungus Free Plus®, see our FAQ page.

At Fungus Free Plus®, we believe that our product is the best way to treat a number of diseases and conditions in dogs, horses and other species of animals. Because we are animal lovers ourselves, we feel it is extremely important that folks who are responsible for the care of dogs and horses are aware of the threat of serious infections like Pythium Insidiosum or Pythiosis. Thousands of these types of infections have been successfully treated with the Fungus Free products with no report of side effects or any other problem resulting from use of the product. The bottom line is: IT WORKS!

Our mission is to help your four-legged family members avoid amputation, invasive surgery and even death resulting from these types of infections. We believe our holistic method of treatment and our essential oil products are the best way to fight these types of infections worldwide because they are 100% guaranteed to work and they are gentle to the animals that are being treated!

With our 100% Money Back Guarantee, our Customers can help fight this terrible disease risk free!

Join the fight against Pythiosis Insidiosum today!


What kind of dog?

2007-12-20 21:07:16 by frequentrider

If it's a dog that's lower to the ground and his belly is rubbing thus the chaffing, then a dog sweater will help the problem. There's thin ones for summer and thick ones for winter. You also need to HONESTLY evaluate your dog's weight; is he is overweight, that would definitely not help with his belly dragging the ground, among other things. You need to get him on a diet ASAP not just because of his chaffing, but for quality of life, longevity, reduced blood pressure and pressure on his lungs, etc.
Stick your thumbs on the middle of his back and your fingers down the side on his ribs

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