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What Causes Fungal Skin Infections? Home Remedies For Skin Fungus
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By upu on April 13, 2011

Fungi are microorganisms that are highly contagious; they can spread from one person to another either through direct contact or through a carrier. These organisms are opportunistic, whenever the condition is favorable, they start growing on the upper surface of the skin. Though the spread of fungi can also occur in the internal organs, it is mainly restricted to the external skin. There are different types of fungal skin diseases, the most common being ringworm, athletes foot, jock’s itch, candida albicans, nail and beard ringworm etc.

Causes Of Fungal Infection On Skin

  • Suppressed immune system. When the immune system is compromised, the opportunistic skin fungus starts growing. Diseases such as HIV infection, Cancer disease after chemotherapy etc.
  • Prolong use of antibiotics can imbalance the intestinal bacterial flora, and the opportunistic yeast infection gets the chance to spread.
  • Certain people who have chronic diseases such as diabetes are prone to fungal infection.
  • Skin fungus prefers moisture for its growth. Therefore you will find their presence in skin folds of groin, armpits, between the finger and toes etc. Perspiration, tight clothing, synthetic undergarments, all favor the possibilities of skin fungus infection. High moisture areas such as community bathrooms and floor of swimming pools are the places from where the skin fungus comes in athlete’s foot.

Treatment For Fungal Skin Infections

It is necessary to treat the skin fungus infection at the earliest so that it’s spread to other areas can be restricted. Most of the time the general symptoms of skin fungus is intense itching, redness, rash, shedding of skin and occasionally bleeding due to scratching.

There are several home remedies that have treated skin fungus successfully.

It takes time for skin fungus to get healed completely, you have to keep patience. In order to prevent recurrence, sometime the treatment can last more than a week.

  • Maintaining proper skin hygiene, eating healthy food, taking natural home remedies, boosting immune system, all together can keep the skin fungus disease away.
  • Clean the affected skin with soap and water. Because due to perspiration, the dust, germs get accumulated on the skin area. Clean your hands with soap and water after cleaning the area, so that you do not spread the infection to other areas. Dry the area properly after washing.


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