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Yeast Infection – There\’s Fungus Among Us!
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A l infection is usually caused by a fungus called Candida albicans which is normally found in small amounts in the . While a infection is certainly not a pleasant experience, there\’s no need to spend too much time worrying. Yeast infection is also more common after menopause due to declining estrogen levels, which thin the walls. A infection is usually not spread by sexual intercourse.

The only time Candida Albican is a problem is when the conditions in its environment are such that it starts to grow and produce at an increased rate, when this happens a yeast infection is the result. If the yeast infection is left untreated, some physicians believe that the Candida Albican will continue to reproduce at an alarming rate. They feel that if the yeast infection is left untreated that it will create an imbalance in the bodies natural bacterias and the person\’s immune system will become involved, in short the person will grow sicker and sicker.


Symptoms of a yeast infection are similar to a number of other conditions, including bacterial vaginosis (a bacterial infection of the vagina), trichomoniasis (a sexually transmitted infection), and contact or allergic dermatitis (a skin reaction to an irritating or allergic substance).

Symptoms can sometimes include intense and unbearable itching, rash, a burning sensation, vaginal discharge, and pain during sexual intercourse. Your health care provider will ask about your symptoms and examine you. Your provider may collect samples of cells from places you are having symptoms, such as the mouth or vagina.


Treatment of vaginal yeast infection may include a topical cream or tablet; most are applied inside the vagina at bedtime with an applicator. Treatment durations vary according to the formulation; one, three, and seven-day s are equally effective. Women with recurrent infections should use a longer course of for infections, between 10 to 14 days for a topical (cream or suppository) medication or fluconazole 150 mg by mouth with a second dose 72 hours later. Treatment with antibiotics can lead to eliminating the yeast\’s natural competitors for resources, and increase the severity of the condition. Treatment for yeast infections will not help or cure sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, or trichomonas.


Let your provider help you be certain that yeast infection is the problem and, if it is, to determine why it\’s not responding to treatment. If you feel that your yeast infection is immune to the over-the-counter treatment you are using, you can try using a new product, or go to your doctor for a prescription treatment. A good home treatment for vaginal yeast infection is to boost your immune system through proper diet and complete sleep. Probably the easiest way to deal with a yeast infection is prevention. This may be a major \”duh\”, but one of the best ways to treat a yeast infection is to wash yourself thoroughly at least once a day.


Not really...

2008-06-25 13:54:17 by xdaddysgirlx

You can't get thrush from athlete's foot. Two different funji. Funguses??? I dunno the plural, rofl.
Thrush is caused by yeast (same yeast that causes yeast infections in women), not the tinea fungus that causes ringworm, athletes foot and jock itch.
Open sores don't matter. Yeast lives on the surface, it does not infect wounds. And beyond that, yeast lives in your mouth anyway (and all over your skin). The only time it becomes thrush is if something screws up the balance and the yeast grows out of control. People with healthy, adult immune systems don't get thrush

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