And perhaps these versions just complement

With the movie "I come from childhood", staged a remarkable Belarusian director Victor Turov scenario outstanding poet, director and screenwriter Gennady Shpalikov with the role tanker Volodya, in fact, started a real career of the actor Vladimir Vysotsky in the movie.2622078Gennady ShpalikovFirst on the role director Victor Turov like to invite Nicholas Hubenko.But Hubenko was then too busy. But instead I recommend themselves young and very talented actor, a fellow of the Taganka Theater - Vladimir Vysotsky. According to another version, for Vysotsky bustled his familiar paintings Alexander Knyazhinskiy operator. And perhaps these versions just complement each other.2621510Anyway, Vysotsky came to "BelarusFilm" on the sample, and then something happened that is constantly going on with the people who know him.On the first evening Vysotsky sang a lot, and between him and Viktor Turov immediately arose sympathy. And they talked until morning. Vysotsky even passed the train ticket back to Moscow and did not go. Turov was already clear that the role of the tanker must be removed only Volodya Vysotsky: listen2622082Viktor Turov and his daughter ElenaFilming began in 1965 and ended in 1966.Actors and crew members then remembered that the whole picture made as though to the accompaniment of songs of Vysotsky. They were constantly and everywhere. This was the period when Vysotsky, as they say, "went to the people." And where would the group nor come, nor where the shooting took place, knew everything, listened to these songs, copied from each other.2621476Filming an episode of the film "I come from childhood"But what were these records?Pets, makeshift, often - nasty quality. Here, while working on the movie, "I come from childhood", Vysotsky became possible for the first time to enroll in professional equipment."Height": I listen2623374Detail autograph Belov songs "Height" RGALI, 3004 "Vladimir Vysotsky" fund op.1 units. hr. 115, l. 3This recording was made by Constantine Bakken fall of 1965 in the city of Grodno.In general, records at the initiative of Victor Turov then there were two - in Grodno and Ruzhany. They were recording in a real studio, with multiple microphones, a professional sound engineer. And Vysotsky wrote in those days, much of his repertoire, which he was to the end of 1965.But the song "height", which has just sounded, had a special destiny.

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