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White Spots on Back – Causes, Treatment, Home Remedies, Best Cream Sun & Vitiligo Fungus Spots on Back of Throat

White Spots on Back

White spots on back can indicate an underlying medical problem. In this article,learn causes of white marks on back,treatment for white patches on back,home remedies and best cream for removing white spots. Also learn if fungus causes white spots on back of throat below.

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  • What are white spots on back of throat?
  • Are white spots on my back fungus?
  • Does the sun cause white patches on the shoulders and back?
  • Are tiny or small white spots on the back an infection?
  • What is the best treatment for white spots on the skin?

White marks on the skin might not be as simple as discoloration that is commonly associated with brown spots on the back. There could be serious medical reasons that cause the formation of small white spots on the back.White Spots on Back.Some people may experience white sun spots on the back,but this occurrence is very rare. Normally,sun spots and age spots occur as dark spots and brown spots but rarely as white marks of discoloration or pigmentation. Below,we’ll discuss the causes of white spots on the back,white spots on back of throat and other parts of the body.

Causes of White Spots on Back

The back of the neck and even face can show signs of white spots all over. Some of these small white skin spots can spread from the back and all the way to the arms,chest and even stomach. What causes these tiny white patches?

Here are causes of white skin spots on back.

  • Pityriasis versicolor – Of the many skin disorders that cause the formation of white spots on the skin,pityriasis versicolor is quite common a cause. It is a type of fungal infection on the skin and is characterized by the formation of white patches or pale patches on the skin. These are more visible on a dark skin.
  • Vitiligo – Yet another cause of white patches on back. This condition affects about 2 percent of people in the world. Pigmentation cells on the skin are normally destroyed by the condition,leaving a white patch.
  • Tinea Versicolor – Another cause of white spots on back is Tinea Versicolor. This is fungus infection that is common in children and may be seen as small white spots on legs,arms,back and other body parts. Symptoms may include light spots that contrast to the skin tone surrounding the tiny spots.
  • Malnutrition Causes White Spots – Appearance of white spots on the skin and around the shoulders,back,arms and other parts of the body is likely to indicate malnutrition. Lack of calcium and vitamin E and Vitamin D can cause tiny white spots on the body.

Sun spots rarely turn white,but in some rare instances,they can show on the skin as white marks. During summer,you may experience spots forming on the back of neck,around shoulders,but if these turn out to be white,you might want to see a doctor.

Manifestation of Vitiligo White Patches – Symptoms

White skin spots on the back can show in different forms. While some of them may be accompanied by symptoms such as white spots on the stomach,white small spots on the hands and even those on the back of mouth. Most commonly,people experience the formation of tiny white spots on the back of throat and other body parts.

  • White spots in back of mouth and white spots on the back of throat are normally a sign of yeast infection. This is a fungus infection and may show on the skin too.
  • White spots on back of neck,shoulders,stomach and chest are common when the patient is suffering from vitiligo or other fungal infections.
  • White spots on the back of hands manifest of vitiligo and other underlying medical conditions. Causes of vitiligo may also show as symptoms with white patches on the back of hands.

White Spots on the Back

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White spots from fungus Pityriasis Versicolor

2010-01-01 13:28:42 by TV-PCRepairman

Hi my name Dr.Fungus
If you are having trouble with white spots on your skin, and your doctor can't quite figure out whats wrong with you unless you pay for very expensive diagnostic tests including skin biopsys that leave scars etc, then wait weeks or even months after several appointments for test results with no treatment, then this information may just help you save a bundle of cash and get fast results!
This treatment is for Pityriasis Versicolor otherwise known as
(Sun Fungus)
Sometimes doctors like myself just may overlook this easy to spot skin problem as we forget to use the simple Wood's light exam, and sometimes if its close to the end of the month when we have to pay the rent or our Jaguar payment

White spots on the skin like reverse dalmation

2011-02-04 18:32:09 by manx2004

Round, white circles
usually in clusters
they move
only on the torso - never on my neck or higher, arms or legs
they do not itch or otherwise bother me
I've been to several doctors and dermatologists and even had a biopsy!
Treatments have included bathing in prescription strength selsum blue (leaving it on for 30 minutes each time, twice a day, sometimes 4 times a day... seriously who thought that was a good idea?!?), several types of cream including anti fungal and steroids, the pill difulcan (sp?) and no sun exposure for over 6 months -- all have had no effect on the spots!
From the biopsy they know it is not: cancer, fungus (such as Tinea versicolor), autoimmune, sun damage or hypo-pigmentation (such as Vitiligo).
Any guesses?

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However, the safety and versatility of the ointment has quickly made the natural treatment a phenomenon for a variety of resistant fungal, bacterial and viral skin conditions.

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    Today i have observed some white patches on my face after shave, is that a fungal infection or someting. Is there any ointment or home made treatment for that.

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      all the best

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